Sage Design Group’s practice focuses on balancing client driven input and functional, practical design. Our projects are sensitive to planting, grading and how they create a comfortable experience for the end user. Understanding maintenance functionality after our projects have been built is an integral part of our approach. At Sage Design Group we believe that quality design just makes sense.


Sage Design Group has a portfolio of a variety of project types and scales. These projects have given the firm knowledge that is vastly scalable to different planning scenarios. Our projects include newly designed as well as existing developments that need an upgrade strategy. Sage Design Group provides expert early guidance for successful long term projects.


Sage Design Group integrates planning and landscape architecture into the complicated entitlement process. Coordinating multiple large agency interests with client goals can be a difficult process. Having successfully navigated many projects throughout local jurisdictions, Sage Design Group understands what needs to be done to move your project towards construction.

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